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Hiking in Gozo, Malta: the southern coastline

In Gozo, the paths come and go. At least, that’s what we learnt on this 9.5 mile hike from Xlendi to Mgarr harbour. 

This was the first hike during our stay in Gozo, from the small coastal town of Xlendi to the bustling Mgarr harbour, where you can catch the ferry to Malta and Comino.

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It was a great introduction to the island. The path takes you past the Xlendi watch tower, across the Sannat cliffs (the highest point on the island – as becomes obvious by the steep climbs on approaching this section), across sandy beaches and also into some rather wild, overgrown landscape.

The path played an occasional disappearing act on us, at times so clear and obvious you couldn’t possibly miss it, to then having to look out for which patch of land was slightly more worn than the ground around it. Gozo’s arid, rocky landscape makes this task more difficult than usual.

We actually did get a bit lost. We were trying to stick as close to the coast as possible, until eventually we the path disappeared. On our left was a walled-off farm and to our right a sheer cliff face. Obviously trying to cross through the farm was the safer option, so we scrambled over the walls as quickly as we could and prayed the farmer wouldn’t catch us. Looking back I would say it was a fun experience, although at the time I do remember thinking we might have to retreat back to Xlendi. Perseverance is key when hiking in Gozo.









Getting there

We walked from Munxar to Xlendi (about 10 minutes). For info on Gozo’s bus routes, click here.


15.5km / 9.6 miles


3:30 to 4 hours


Moderate, there are some quite scrambly parts to this walk and the path is not always clear!

The route

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  1. Went to Malta quite a few times when I was in the navy in the 70’s – went to Gozo for a long weekend once but I don’t remember it much though I do remember that it was very tranquil!. Nice pix

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